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Benefits of Prenatal Massage


After earning a massage therapist certification or license, how does a massage therapist go about creating a strong practice? Specializing in a certain niche can guarantee more work, both from private clients and from massage businesses. Prenatal massage is an enjoyable and fruitful specialization. Prenatal clients are happy to spend time nurturing themselves. And may spas pay LMTs more if they have additional prenatal massage training beyond a basic massage therapy license. When working with prenatal clients, massage therapists should emphasize the many benefits of prenatal massage. Prenatal massages do more than just relax the a pregnant woman’s aching muscles Given [...]

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Sports Massage: Tips for Landing a Gig with a Professional Sports Team


Molly Verschinegel, of Northwest Sports Massage, is an experienced LMT specializing in Portland-area sports massage for teams and individuals. We asked her to provide insight into how sports massage therapy enthusiasts can land a job working with a professional sports team. Her first response was to alert LMTs that such jobs are scarce, for several reasons. First, many athletes and organizations are accustomed to receiving massage on a volunteer basis. They may expect therapists to provide free massage as a way to beef up their LMT resumes. She reflects, “Working at an event or with a sports team is very physical, [...]

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Funding your Massage Therapy Education through Financial Aid and Scholarships


When it comes to financing your massage therapist schooling, it pays to be prompt. Get the financial aid ball rolling early, to prevent headaches later on. In today’s post, we’re reviewing several funding avenues for attending accredited massage schools such as East West College. Read on to learn how to apply for financial aid. Financial Aid Process for East West College of the Healing Arts Complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The first step when seeking financial aid is to fill out a FAFSA. Before filling out a FAFSA, you will need to apply for your student aid [...]

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Massage Therapy Continuing Education: Online or In Person?


Given Oregon’s continuing education requirements for massage license renewal, all active massage therapists must regularly add to their professional knowledge. As a leading massage therapy school in Oregon, East West College offers continuing massage therapist schooling for alumni and non-alumni alike. Our continuing education (CE) courses are offered in person, on our NE Portland campus. However, many Oregon LMTs complete their CE hours through online courses. Today we’re comparing the advantages of in-person vs. online courses for massage therapy continuing education. Advantages of In-Person Continuing Education for Massage Therapy --Support and Accountability. When facing a room full of fellow learners, people [...]

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Criminal Background Checks: Required for Massage Licensure in Most States


Massage standards vary significantly from state to state. Massage schools in Michigan face different standards than those in our home state of Oregon. As of March of 2014, twenty-six states required fingerprinting and background checks for massage licensure or certification. On July 1st, Florida joined this group, passing a law to set up fingerprinting for massage therapists. Today we’re taking a look at which states require criminal background checks. Our home state of Oregon requires fingerprints for first-time licensure applicants, but it does not currently require additional rounds of fingerprinting for renewals. The exception is coming back from inactive status—then the [...]

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How to choose Continuing Education Courses to Build your LMT Business


When it comes to selecting continuing education for massage therapy, different therapists have different goals. Some take CE classes simply because they must to renew their license. (Here in Oregon, the state board of massage therapists requires 25 hours of continuing education at the time of license renewal.) Others enjoy the support and camaraderie of learning with other LMTs. Today we’re examining a third motivation for massage therapy continuing education: Building your massage business. For those with stable positions in spas, hospitals, or chiropractic offices, managers will likely recommend CE classes that will suit the position. Therefore, freelance massage therapists with [...]

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Anatomy & Physiology: The Backbone of a Strong Massage Program


If you’re shopping west coast massage schools, we recommend checking out each institution’s anatomy and physiology classes. These courses are the backbone of any strong massage certification program. Together, Anatomy and Physiology inform therapists on how the body is structured (anatomy), and how it functions (physiology). When working as a massage therapist, Anatomy and Physiology is a must-have. Otherwise you can’t have a good map of the body, nor an understanding of how different parts work together. One reason why we’re consistently chosen as the best massage school in Oregon—and one of the top schools in the nation—is that our anatomy [...]

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