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Best Massage Apps to Make Life Easier for Students and LMTs

Getting your massage career started after graduating from massage school isn’t easy. And even if you’ve been out of massage therapist school for years, keeping up with laundry, marketing, professional requirements, and other aspects of LMT life can be challenging. Particularly as the new year approaches, it’s a good time to take stock of where you could be “working smarter” instead of “working harder.”  [...]

Massage Collective Models: Introducing this Breakthrough Business Model

Overwhelmed as an independent contractor/business owner? Or frustrated in your current position? A few years after you become a massage therapist, you may feel you have enough experience to try something new. The Massage Collective approach could be just what you need. Therapists across the country are forming collectives in which multiple practitioners work together in a community of mutual support and shared responsibility. Today [...]

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Skin in the Sun: What to Know about Massage in the Summer

Summertime, and the living is easy, right? Not for your skin. Heat and sunburn can turn the epidermis into the Sahara, and massage clients may show up with damage. Summer sun means unique contraindications and client needs. And while LMTs’ massage careers will include some events that cannot be anticipated (COVID shutdowns come to mind), summer skin care is an annual issue. Let’s take a [...]

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Massage Gel 101

In the past, we have written on the advantages and drawbacks of oil versus lotion for therapeutic massage. Today we’re looking at the new kid on the massage lubricants block: Massage Gel. What is it? Why consider using it? Read on to learn the answers to these questions and more.  What is Massage Gel? Massage gel is the new massage medium on the block. Like [...]

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Celebrate Pride Month by Making Your Massage Practice LGBTQ-Friendly

As natural-born healers, massage therapists aim to make their practices accessible to all. A massage therapy career is rooted in caring for others. Yet unintentional discrimination may make potential clients feel uncomfortable. If you are straight and cis gender, you may be unaware of the stress and discrimination that LGBTQ individuals face daily massage practice lgbtq EWC.  Research shows that LGBTQ persons are 2.5 times [...]

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The Psychological Power of Touch, and the Impact of the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus lockdowns have dramatically changed social engagement, not least of all how often we receive and give touch. Stuck with our roommates or family members for more than a year, the world of human contact shrunk as exponentially as the virus spread. For safety, we are still encouraged to keep a six-foot distance between ourselves and everyone outside of our immediate households, unless vaccination [...]

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