The mission of East West College is to educate and enrich our community through the art and science of massage.

Core Identity

In our interactions with all members of our community, the staff and faculty of East West College strive to model attributes that are essential to success for professional massage therapists. These include: communicating clearly and respectfully; engaging in critical thinking; being creative problem solvers; having clear and appropriate boundaries; and being warm, open and nurturing.

Educational Philosophy

East West College commits to providing a high-quality education for individuals seeking to become skilled, caring, professional massage therapists. Our program combines a solid foundation in understanding the human body with the ability to create effective, personalized treatments. The courses we teach balance the development of basic knowledge and skills in eastern and western bodywork with the opportunity to explore areas of personal interest. Our faculty provides experienced and compassionate teaching in a learning environment that fosters each student’s personal and professional growth.

At East West College, students gain in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and pathology, and develop competence in a variety of massage modalities. This technical knowledge is supported by education in ethical practices, effective communication skills, individualized treatment planning approaches and professional practice strategies to meet the student’s personal goals. Students’ experience in hands-on sessions and the East West College Clinic develop confidence in their ability to bring nurturing, respectful touch to those around them. Throughout the program, students are encouraged, challenged and inspired to integrate their abilities to engage in critical thinking and to follow their intuition. This comprehensive approach prepares students to become successful members of the community of professional massage therapists, and to bring their healing touch to the worldRSD.


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