East West College of the Healing Arts

1515 SW Fifth Avenue, Fourth Floor, Portland , OR 97201
Phone: (503) 233 6500
Fax: (503) 232-4392

Dean of Admissions: Lori Johnson admissions@eastwestcollege.edu

Alumni Services
Alumni Services Coordinator: Maryanne Gilbert alumniservices@eastwestcollege.edu

Continuing Education
CE Coordinator: Sandee Coggins continuinged@eastwestcollege.edu

Campus Store/Clinic
Phone: 503.233.6500

Financial Aid
Financial Aid Representative: Brett Falkenberg financialaid@eastwestcollege.edu

Student Services
Dean of Students: Tina Smith deanofstudents@eastwestcollege.edu

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Request a transcript by contacting our Student Services Office at StudentServices@eastwestcollege.edu.