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Updates & Support for Massage Therapists in the Age of Coronavirus

Life in the era of the novel coronavirus would have been unrecognizable ten days ago. Day by day, we are witnessing enormous shifts, from how we greet others to employment prospects. To date, almost 400,000 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed across the globe, with nearly 16,500 deaths. To “flatten the curve,” i.e. slow the rate of infection, many leaders are limiting interactions through social [...]

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Proactive Massage: PNF, Range of Motion and Client Engagement During Massage

Ask the average person why they get massage, and they might answer “for stress relief” or “to feel good!” It is unlikely that the first words out of their mouth would be “To improve communication between my nervous system and my muscles.” Yet mind/body proprioceptive learning is at the heart of proactive massage techniques. In proactive massage, the client participates through stretching, awareness of sensation, [...]

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Research Review: The Efficacy of CBD Massage

CBD is a buzzword the modern massage industry. Indeed, as cannabis is legalized in more states, multiple trades are considering how the addition of CBD and cannabis products can add value.  Is CBD massage a novelty that will soon fade? Or can today’s LMTs expect CBD massage to become commonplace? Today we’re reviewing the current research on CBD, particularly on how CBD can reduce inflammation. [...]

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Massage Therapist Self-Care Questions to Assess Injury Risk

Did you know that three out of four therapists have experienced work-related pain or discomfort in the past two years? It’s true, according to a survey on injury among 601 American massage therapists. The same survey found that 64% of LMTs have sought medical treatment for their injuries. To enjoy a long, successful massage therapy career, therapists must cultivate good self-care habits, including injury prevention. [...]

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Massage Modalities: Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The world of massage is not monotone. There are multitudes of massage modalities, several of which we have covered in previous articles. While completing massage therapy training at East West College, our students can take specialized classes in different massage techniques. Today we’re reviewing Lymphatic Drainage Massage. We will provide a basic definition, as well as listing benefits, techniques, and contraindications. First, let’s review how [...]

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Stretch Mark Massage

Did you know that most babies are born in August? In fall and winter months, new mothers may be thinking about self-care, and wondering about stretch marks. Of course, stretch marks are not exclusive to mothers. What are stretch marks? What kind of treatment helps rebuild stretched tissue? Read on to discover answers to these questions, and more. What are Stretch Marks? Stretch marks occur [...]

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