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Massage Therapy Continuing Education and License Renewal during Coronavirus Times

Did you know that Oregon’s massage licensing requirements are different during COVID-19 lockdowns? Like many states, the Oregon State Board of Massage Therapy instituted a temporary rules suspension during the coronavirus pandemic. This suspension applies to license renewal requirements, including massage therapy continuing education hours. Read on to learn how Oregon’s rules suspension works, as well as a brief review of other states with COVID [...]

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Massage Therapy for Hospital Workers: Soothing Frontline Caregivers

Even before the Coronavirus hit, healthcare workers were more likely to experience mental disorders. For instance, physicians are at a significantly higher risk of alcoholism and suicide than the general population. Moreover, 35-41% of U.S. nurses experience depression symptoms, compared with 9.1% of the general population. A 2018 survey revealed that 63% of nurses fear burnout, despite loving their job. The intense stress of providing [...]

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How Massage can ease Menopause Symptoms

Did you know that menopause brings bothersome symptoms such as hot flashes to 80-85% of women? Moreover, as the AMTA has recently highlighted, 75% of women are interested in non-hormonal treatments for menopause symptoms. Read on to discover how massage can help ease menopause symptoms. What is Menopause? Menopause occurs for many women in their fifties, as their bodies transition out of the childbearing [...]

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Cultural Competence in Massage Therapy: An Introduction

The Black Lives Matter movement has brought cultural awareness to the forefront. What is cultural competence, and how can massage therapists apply cultural competency in their massage practices? How does cultural competence in clinical settings improve health outcomes? This blog provides a broad-strokes introduction to the idea of cultural competence in massage therapy, with an eye toward the fact that an Oregon massage therapist license [...]

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Effective Massage Client Communication During Covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has redefined many aspects of massage therapy, including client communication. Excellent communication is not only a good idea for your massage business—it’s now a requirement for all massage therapist clinics under COVID-19 restrictions. As we explained in last month’s post, “How to Safely Practice Massage Therapy in Coronavirus Times,” the state of Oregon requires clinics to ask screener questions before massage therapy [...]

How to Safely Practice Massage Therapy in Coronavirus Times

Five months ago, Oregon Governor Kate Brown issued Executive Order 20-12, which closed all “non-medical massage services” to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. Unless prescribed by a doctor for medical purposes, massage therapy was prohibited across the state. Most massage facilities closed at that time, including our own on-campus Portland massage clinic. Three months ago, the Governor outlined reopening procedures, specifying requirements for each [...]

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