Swedish Massage: Introduction to this Massage Modality

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Swedish massage, also known as classic massage, is the most common style of massage in the West. It is the image most people associate with massage. This gentle form of massage therapy uses several different strokes to address issues in the superficial tissues of the body.  Let’s review this most popular massage style, one that often forms the basis of treatment modalities taught at therapeutic massage schools. 

Introducing Swedish Massage

The history of Swedish massage is fascinating and somewhat murky. While many publications attribute its origins to Swedish fencing instructor […]

Career in Massage: Pros and Cons of Working as an Independent Contractor

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You dreamed of a career of massage. You researched how to earn a massage certification or license in your state. You attended school, spending hours studying and even more hours in the clinic applying newly-learned massage techniques. As you graduate, what feels like an ending is really a new beginning–the dawn of your new life as a massage therapist. One big question looms: Should you take that gig as an independent contractor, or aim to be hired as an employee? Or would you rather run your own massage clinic or spa? In any case, understanding the difference between employees […]

Massage Therapy Careers: Pros and Cons of an Employee/Employer Relationship

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You researched and applied to massage therapy schools. You scoured the web on how to become a massage therapist in your state. Now you’re ready to launch into one of history’s most successful massage therapy careers! But wait… should you start as an employee or an independent contractor? Let’s take a look at the advantages and drawbacks of each option, so you can make the best choice for your LMT career path. Those establishing a spa or massage therapy clinic will also appreciate this review of options from an employer’s standpoint.

After providing context, this blog lists the […]

Benefits and Contraindications of Postpartum Massage

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Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows prenatal massage can be a lifesaver. But what about after labor? In the six weeks following giving birth, the body is adjusting to parenthood while also returning to its pre-pregnancy size. Many new parents experience pain in the hips, low back, shoulders, neck, and wrists, among other challenges. To inform both LMTs and patients, we’re listing the benefits and contraindications of postpartum massage.

Benefits of Postnatal Massage

Relaxation and Stress Reduction. New caregivers will appreciate the relief that massage delivers to all clients. By reducing muscle tension, massage can decrease stress hormone […]

MBLEx Test-Taking Strategies for Passing a National Massage Exam

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After many months of study and clinical work, massage therapy students may see graduation from their school of massage as the finish line. Yet several more boxes must be ticked to earn massage certification. For those attending massage schools in Oregon, passing a national therapy exam, such as the MBLEx (Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination), is a key step in licensure. (You’ll find our guide to getting licensed in massage therapy in Oregon here.) Most LMTs (in 46 out of 49 regulated jurisdictions) need to pass the MBLEx.

Considering that the current fee […]

Til Luchau on the Choosing a Massage School Podcast: Select a School that Aligns with your Goals

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The Choosing a Massage School Podcast is an excellent resource for anyone wondering how to become a massage therapist. Today we’re examining the episode featuring Til Luchau, a world-renowned therapist who in 2018 was named Massage Magazine’s first Massage All-Star. Aspiring LMTs can stand on the shoulders of this massage therapy giant by attending to his advice.

The Story of Til Luchau’s Career in Massage

Til Luchau pursued several career paths prior to massage therapy; he has been a foreign car mechanic, an Outward Bound instructor, and a high school teacher. He was first exposed […]

Whitney Lowe on the Choosing a Massage School Podcast: Treat your Massage School Search Like an Interview

2022-08-02T11:15:34-04:00August 2nd, 2022|

Selecting from therapeutic massage schools is no easy task, particularly when one is a newcomer to the massage therapy world. What distinguishes the best massage therapy schools? And how can one decide which schools to apply to? The Choosing a Massage School Podcast is a great resource for answering these questions and more. It features interviews with some of the most established figures in massage therapy. Because the interviews are rich with resources for the massage school aspirant, we’re examining each one in a separate post. Today’s featured speaker is Whitney Lowe.

With […]

Oregon Massage Therapy Licensure: How to Become an LMT in the Beaver State

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The road to massage therapy licensure is rewarding, enlightening, and challenging. But for any Oregonian who wants to practice massage, Portland to John Day, the end goal is the same: successfully adding the letters “LMT” (Licensed Massage Therapist) to one’s name. If you’re researching massage therapy training in Oregon, it’s key to select programs that will empower you to gain licensure. 

To do that, you must understand what the state requires to become an LMT. It’s helpful to work backward from that audacious goal, so that every step you take in the journey leads in the direction of […]

Our COMTA Massage Therapy School Accreditation: What it Means and Why it Matters

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From plumbing to engineering, established careers have special delegations to indicate experience and expertise. Professional organizations authenticate quality via specialized certifications. Massage therapy is no exception. For accredited massage schools, one designation stands head and shoulders above all others: COMTA accreditation.

Of course, if we’re looking at the individual level, massage therapist certification, or licensure, is the first thing to consider. LMT requirements vary from state to state. Here in Oregon, for instance, a therapist must pass a national exam (such as the MBLEX) as well as the Oregon jurisprudence (massage law) exam, pass a background check, pay a feel of […]

James Waslaski on the Choosing a Massage School Podcast: The Power of Positive Energy and Experienced Instructors

2022-04-04T15:37:19-04:00April 4th, 2022|

For fifty years, our Portland massage school has guided students to become LMTs. We know how challenging it can be to find the right massage school. So we’re thrilled to support the Choosing a Massage School Podcast, which features interviews with massage industry leaders whose decades of expertise deliver deep wisdom on the massage profession, and on how LMT-hopefuls can choose the ideal school of massage. Today we’re reviewing an episode featuring James Waslaski, a celebrated leader in Orthopedic Massage. 

James’ journey to massage therapy began thirty years ago, when he was working in medicine, and pursuing running […]

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