Effective Massage Client Communication During Covid-19


The Coronavirus pandemic has redefined many aspects of massage therapy, including client communication. Excellent communication is not only a good idea for your massage business—it’s now a requirement for all massage therapist clinics under COVID-19 restrictions. As we explained in last month’s post, “How to Safely Practice Massage Therapy in Coronavirus Times,” the state of Oregon requires clinics to ask screener questions before massage therapy appointments. At our student clinic of massage, Portland clients receive and reply to these screener questions via email. For optimized safety, we have eliminated all paper forms. Post-massage, clients provide feedback via email as well. Developing [...]

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Research Review: The Efficacy of CBD Massage


CBD is a buzzword the modern massage industry. Indeed, as cannabis is legalized in more states, multiple trades are considering how the addition of CBD and cannabis products can add value.  Is CBD massage a novelty that will soon fade? Or can today’s LMTs expect CBD massage to become commonplace? Today we’re reviewing the current research on CBD, particularly on how CBD can reduce inflammation. Our hope is to keep LMTs and massage clients informed on why CBD massage is appealing, how it works, and why you might want to consider adding it to your next massage session. We begin with [...]

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Celebrate Global Massage Makes Me Happy Day


In celebration of this day, East West College will be offering 50% off future student massage appointments booked on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018. In support of Global Massage Makes Me Happy Day on March 20th, 2018, East West College of the Healing Arts will be offering a special promotion for their massage clinic. Future student massages booked on the day of March 20th will be 50% off – regularly $30, now just $15! The Massage Makes Me Happy Initiative of the Global Wellness Institute aims to celebrate the healing powers of massage therapy and promote its benefits through research and education, [...]

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East West College Celebrates Global Massage Makes Me Happy Day Through Donation


  The world will celebrate the positive impact of massage therapy on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018. The Massage Makes Me Happy Initiative, in partnership with the Global Wellness Institute, aims to celebrate the healing powers of massage therapy and promote its benefits through research, education, advocacy and global awareness. March 20th is also recognized by the United Nations as the International Day of Happiness. One of the ways East West College will be celebrating this day is by donating a massage table to Raphael House, a domestic violence agency dedicated to ending intimate partner violence for good. Sarah Stivers, a licensed massage therapist in Portland, volunteers her services at Raphael House. [...]

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Massage as a Treatment Tool for Opioid Dependence


Last month we introduced how massage therapy can help individuals who are drug dependent stay present in their bodies, rather than disassociating to the negative body outcomes of their substance of choice. We also discussed how massage therapy can break the cycle of stress and sleeplessness so common among the substance dependent, by encouraging deep relaxation and releasing serotonin, dopamine, and other feel-good hormones throughout the body. Those who abuse substances often rely on drugs to experience pleasure; massage, in contrast, helps people experience their bodies’ natural pleasure pathways. Today we’re continuing the conversation by taking a special look at how [...]

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Staff Profile: Robyn Baehler, Alumni Services Coordinator and Sports Massage Therapist at the Track & Field Olympic Trials


A massage therapist career can take you in whatever direction you wish. For East West College grad Robyn Baehler, sports massage therapy specialization lead her to treat athletes at the 2016 U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials in Eugene this past July. Now, Robyn is also working in our Oregon massage school as our Alumni Services Coordinator and has a chance to help tomorrow’s LMTs find work after graduation. Today we’re delighted to share the story of Robyn’s connection to the massage world and working with athletes, including how she ended up providing massage to world-class running stars. Robyn also provides [...]

Staff Profile: Robyn Baehler, Alumni Services Coordinator and Sports Massage Therapist at the Track & Field Olympic Trials2016-11-08T11:00:49-05:00

Massage for Drug Addiction: A Primer for Massage Therapists


According to a survey by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about 24.6 million Americans, or 9.4% of the population, used an illicit drug in the past month. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has stated that addiction impacts nearly half of American families. Illegal drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes cost the U.S. over half a trillion dollars annually, in the form of health care costs, accidents, criminal activity, and education special services. Clearly, addiction is an issue worthy of our national attention, and a worthwhile focus for any healthcare professional, including massage therapists. Ultimately, all addictive behaviors share brain pathways. [...]

Massage for Drug Addiction: A Primer for Massage Therapists2016-10-11T13:52:49-05:00

The Benefits of Pre-Race Massage


Picture this: you’re getting ready to run a 5k, you see a massage table set up, and next to it the massage therapist offering a, what you say, a “free massage!?” But wait. There are no lines? How could this be? As a massage therapist, one of my main goals is to support optimum performance for athletes. Often, I set up my massage table at local runs. One thing I’ve consistently noticed is that far fewer people take advantage of massage prior to the run than after. I find this surprising, given that the feedback from runners who’ve had a warm-up [...]

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Legal Pitfalls to Avoid as a Massage Therapist


Upon graduating from our Portland massage therapist school, newly hatched LMTs are excited to get to work! Many decide to strike out on their own as independent business owners. However, there’s plenty to consider when launching a new business, including potential legal snafus. This article reviews a few legal considerations for massage therapists, including contracts, choosing your business entity, and protecting intellectual property. Read on to learn how to avoid some common legal pitfalls in the massage therapy profession. […]

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Massage for Medically Fragile Clients


Medically fragile clients are those with frail constitutions due to chronic or terminal illness, advanced age, or injury. These patients have complex, serious medical conditions. They may also be referred to as “medically frail” or “medically complex.” Massage therapist and educator Julie Goodwin explains that clients who fit into the “medically frail” category often have “multiple health conditions from which recovery or rehabilitation is unlikely, medical treatments and medications that create side effects that interfere with daily functioning, and impairments to mobility and cognition.” […]

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