Psychology research has shown that people who engage in a variety of experiences are happier overall. Following your personal interests to new experiences is a great way to increase happiness. If you’ve always been curious about massage therapy, our massage certification program has a new, mood-boosting event for you: Our Monthly Massage College Preview.

This month, our Massage College Preview event will be held on Wednesday, December 10th from 6:00 to 7:30pm. Join us on campus for a Q&A session about massage therapy. An East West College admissions representative will be on hand to answer questions about our school. If you’re wondering about financial aid, class scheduling, and graduation, you can get your questions answered at the Massage College Preview. You’ll also have the chance to check out the facilities at our NW Massage therapy school.

A professional massage therapist will be in attendance, to give insight on what it’s like to work in the therapeutic massage field. Bring your questions about the day-to-day life of an LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist). We’ll explore potential careers in massage therapy.

The Massage College Preview event will also include a complimentary, introductory class, including instruction on how to deliver basic massage strokes, how to set up a massage table, and more.

Positive psychology suggests that finding new ways to use your personal strengths brings life satisfaction. If you’ve always been told that you have a healing touch, check out our massage college preview this month. It’s the perfect time of year to explore your interests, in preparation for setting New Year’s Resolutions.