Just before Thanksgiving, we wandered the massage school, asking students and instructors what they were thankful for about our Oregon school of massage therapy training. Here’s what fills our teachers, staff, and students with gratitude:

Belief in Bodywork in a Safe and Productive Learning Environment
“Without a doubt I am most thankful for [East West College owners] Edie Moll & David Slawson. These two people do so much that none of us are even aware of in order to provide each and every one of us with so many opportunities. Their belief in bodywork, their support to make this institution as high caliber as it is, their efforts to create a safe and productive learning environment, make not just our lives better but nearly everyone that we all come in contact with. Without these two people, none of us get to do any of what we do and I really think…. gratitude is the attitude. Words are only a mere expression of the daily thanks I give for them and all that they do.”

~ Jonathan Primack, EWC instructor

Amazing Experience, Gifted Teachers

“East West was an amazing experience with gifted teachers! I sometimes miss going to school there 10 years later! Warm, welcoming, compassionate and intelligent is the energy present within East West!”
~ Erica Johansen, LMT

East West Saved my Life
“Going to East West saved my life, helped me realize my passion for healing and introduced me to a group of incredible people that I am so grateful to call my friends. Thanks, guys.”
~ Rue Kahan, LMT

Flexible Staff
“I am grateful for the flexibility of the staff at East West College. They are able to work with me on my needs.”
~ Luna T., EWC student

Passionate Hearts and Souls in a Learning Community
“In regards to the faculty/education department, I am grateful for the community that ‘lives’ within the school. I am grateful for the heart and soul each person brings to their work, and compassion they show to students and their dedication to being their unique selves.”
~ Linda Hunt, EWC Instructor

Helpful, Sympathetic Staff that’s Ready to Help Students
“I came here from Anthem after they closed. I’m grateful for how helpful the college and staff have been. They’ve all been super sympathetic and ready to help us. So I’m super grateful to be here, to be able to continue my education and become an LMT.”
~ Nicole W., EWC student

Easy to Talk to Staff
“I am grateful for Fara, the Dean of Students. She is easy to talk to, easy to approach.”
~ Chance H., EWC student

Faculty Honored to Work with Students
“I am grateful for the privilege of being with students during this time of their journey, to witness their courage and devotion to serving humanity.  I am honored to be with fellow faculty who also serve the massage community by nurturing our up and coming therapists.” ~ Debbie Anne Taylor, EWC Instructor

Inspiring Coworkers, Dedicated Students
“I am grateful for my inspiring coworkers and our dedicated students, all of whom are working hard to make the world a better place through massage therapy!”

~ Sarah Davis, EWC instructor

Visionary, Supportive, Amazing Management
“I am especially thankful for [Director of Education] Erika’s vision and support, Becky’s amazing management, all of my experienced, knowledgeable, and supportive colleagues–both faculty and staff–and the many students who teach me new things each term!”
~ Sheila Resari, EWC instructor

Kind, Helpful Instructors and Administrators
“I am grateful for the helpfulness and kindness of all the instructors and administrators. They know your name too!”
~ Lu V., EWC student

“I am grateful that nobody here wants you to fail.”
~ Shantel T., EWC student

The bottom line is this: Teachers, students, and staff on the East West College campus feel grateful to be a part of our school.