There’s more than high-quality education at our massage school. Portland, OR massage therapists can also purchase high-quality massage products at the East West Campus Store. The East West Campus store is the regional source for all things massage therapy, including massage products to beat the heat. As Portland bakes under the hot summer sun, massage therapists can offer clients delightfully cool variations on massage oil, gel, and lotion. Cooling eye masks and therapy packs offer another way to tame the summer heat.

While cool products are naturally appealing in the hot months, cold therapy—or “cryotherapy”—is effective all year long. Think ice packs, ice baths, and cold packs. This approach is nothing new; Egyptians were using cold to minimize inflammation more than 4,000 years ago. Hippocrates wrote about using cold to treat painful swelling in 400 BCE. And in 1050 CE, Anglo-Saxon monks started using cold to combat pain. Read on to discover cooling products to incorporate in your next massage. Portland, OR therapists can find these items on the shelves of the East West Campus Store.

Cooling Massage Products at the East West Campus Store

Biofreeze Gel, Roll-On, and Spray
For 25 years, therapists have trusted Biofreeze as a trusted topical analgesic. It uses menthol to naturally soothe minor joint and muscle pain. This delightful cold therapy product penetrates quickly. As graduates of a COMTA-accredited school of massage, Portland’s East West College alums appreciate that Biofreeze researches its products. The science behind this reliable product has to do with how the body communicates pain. The menthol in Biofreeze binds with the skin’s temperature receptors, overriding pain signals. We carry both Biofreeze and Biofreeze Professional products, which are exclusive to healthcare professionals. These products are paraben-free, with a vanishing scent. We carry Biofreeze Gel, Biofreeze Professional Roll-On, and Biofreeze Professional Continuous Spray.


Eye-ssential Mask by Thera-Pearl
The Eye-ssential mask features pliable gel pearls that allow the mask to conform to the body, even when frozen. This unique eye mask may be used for both hot and cold therapy. The pack changes color to indicate readiness! To heat, microwave for 10-15 seconds, until pack is white in color. For cold therapy, freeze for at least two hours, until the pack turns purple. Use the cold mask for sinus headaches, nasal congestion, and dry, puffy eyes. Light-sensitive clients will adore this pack while supine.


Sombra Cool Therapy Pain Relieving Gel
Sombra is another cooling massage product for relieving joint and muscle pain associated with bruises, strains, and sprains. Therapists value the efficacy of this product, as well as its refreshing citrus aroma. It contains no artificial colors, fragrances, or alcohol. Sombra is animal-free and made in the USA. Don’t worry about staining clothes or sheets with Sombra—it absorbs quickly. Finally, Sombra offers excellent glide for point therapy. It is great for inflammation and post-workout pain relief. Many massage therapists use Sombra Cool Therapy Pain Relieving Gel for sports massage clients. Laura Boozer, LMT, Owner of N-Touch Therapeutic Massage, says “Sombra pain relieving gels provide multi-sport athletes long lasting relief from muscle fatigue and soreness.”


Soft Comfort CorPak by Core Products
The Soft Comfort CorPack may be used hot or cold. Its exterior is a blend of synthetic fibers and organic plant materials that are frost-free when frozen, so no towel is required. This product is long-lasting, yet eco-friendly. It is filled with non-toxic, bio-degradable materials. For cold use, freeze the CorPack for at least 1 hour, or simply store in the freezer. To heat: microwave for 30 seconds on high, and then additional increments of ten seconds until preferred temperature is achieved. Knead the pack after heating. This tri-sectional pack is perfect for draping over clients’ shoulders; a third section covers the back of the neck.

Keep your massage practice fresh by incorporating seasonal products. Clients will feel pampered by your thoughtful product choices. Boost client loyalty today—visit the East West Campus Store for all your massage therapy needs. Our Portland massage products store is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 6:30pm. It is located on NE Oregon Street, between Fifth and Sixth street, directly off the trolley line. For questions about current products and prices, please call us at 503-233-6500.