Our massage school admissions office sees certain concerns again and again from applicants. For those who are curious about massage school midway through their working years, it can be intimidating to think about pursuing massage dreams alongside younger students. Thoughts may arise such as Can I keep up with 18 year olds in the classroom? and Will I feel out of place as a more mature student? We’re here to quell your fears. Careers in massage therapy begin from innumerable starting points. Each massage school story is unique, and yet many massage careers begin long after the salad days have ended. In this post, we’re examining why massage therapy is an excellent second (or third, our fourth!) career, as well as common experiences of older massage school attendees. 

Am I too old for Massage School?
Quite simply, no. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average US worker changes careers twelve times in the span of a lifetime. Massage therapy work is flexible and fulfilling, making it appealing to workers of all ages. It’s not at all unusual for more than half of the students at a massage school to be pursuing massage as a second profession.  

Why Massage Therapy makes a great Second Career
Every year, thousands of people opt for massage school to facilitate their next occupation. Here are a few advantages of selecting to become an LMT as an older student:

  • Flexibility. Massage therapy work can be as involved or relaxed as you like. You can choose to fill up your schedule, or take just a couple of clients per week.
  • Option to travel. Particularly if you run your own massage business, you can choose to schedule your massage sessions when you’re in town—meaning you’re free to roam as you like.
  • Broad application. Yes, LMTs work in spas– but they also provide healing touch in offices, sports arenas, and hospitals. By exploring different massage modalities you can decide which career paths to take, from sports massage to massage for palliative care.
  • A sense of purpose. Can work be fulfilling and lucrative? Many LMTs find the answer is yes. Earning pay while making a difference in the world—massage therapists do it every day.

Now that we’ve seen why so many people are drawn to massage school later in life, let’s explore what they might experience once enrolled.

Common Experiences of Mature Massage School Students

More Motivated. Older students may face unique challenges, such as balancing classwork with current jobs and family commitments. However, they are often very enthusiastic about massage school, having had experience in other fields.

Applicable Skills. From communication to accounting, massage is a dynamic field that can incorporate the skills from your previous professions.

Helpful Classmates. You’re certain to find others who are coming into their own as LMTs later in life, given that this is a common experience.

So, if you’re ready for a change and dreaming of a career in healing touch, we invite you to reach out to our admissions department today by calling 503-233-6500, or visiting the East West College admissions website.