After earning a massage therapist certification or license, how does a massage therapist go about creating a strong practice? Specializing in a certain niche can guarantee more work, both from private clients and from massage businesses. Prenatal massage is an enjoyable and fruitful specialization. Prenatal clients are happy to spend time nurturing themselves. And may spas pay LMTs more if they have additional prenatal massage training beyond a basic massage therapy license. When working with prenatal clients, massage therapists should emphasize the many benefits of prenatal massage.

Prenatal massages do more than just relax the a pregnant woman’s aching muscles Given the additional weight that the pregnant body must carry around, muscle relieve is, of course, a huge benefit in and of itself. Here are a few more prenatal massage wonders that your clients can experience.

Prenatal Massage Benefits
Regular massage during pregnancy can help…

…Relieve depression and anxiety…Regulate hormones, helping to provide an overall feeling of well-being.

…Relieve sciatic nerve discomfort and other specific pain. Pregnancy tends to create certain patterns of tension in the body. Prenatal massage can relieve sciatic nerve, low back, and other types of pain commonly experienced in pregnancy.

…Improve circulation. This is important during pregnancy for both mother and baby. Lymphatic fluid flows more freely and oxygen levels increase as circulation improves

Finally, prenatal massage can result in an easier birthing process by reducing labor pains.

Prenatal massage gives therapists the opportunity to bring sensations of nurturance and relaxation to pregnant women and their babies. There are various massage therapist certification programs around the US that also offer training in prenatal massage. Among Portland massage schools, East West College in an exceptional CE provider to consider when seeking continuing education offerings for prenatal massage. We offer regular workshops with well known prenatal massage specialists, such as Carole Osborne. To learn about our upcoming prenatal massage continuing education classes in Portland, visit our workshops page.