Many people schedule a massage only when something is wrong—they’ve tweaked a muscle, a certain body part won’t relax, or they’re feeling especially stressed. However, science is discovering more and more benefits to regularly receiving massage—even when nothing’s really “wrong.”

According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), 87% of people see massage as beneficial for overall health and wellness. Research supports this belief. Let’s examine health benefits of regularly receiving massages.

Top 5 Benefits of Regular Massage

1. Massage Boosts Immunity. By stimulating the lymphatic system, a good massage can increase the presence of white blood cells throughout the body.

2. Massage Improves Detox. The lymphatic system also assists with detoxification. Unlike the heart, the lymphatic system has no pump; only muscular movements can allow it to flush out waste. Massage also increases lymphatic detoxification.

3. Massage Lowers Stress. Massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system, activating the body’s “Rest and Digest” state. This counteracts the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the “Fight, Flight, or Freeze” stress state. Lowered blood pressure, decreased anxiety, and lowered depression are additional stress-related benefits of massage.

4. Massage Alleviates Muscle Pain. According to the AMTA’s survey, 29% of respondents have used massage therapy for muscle pain relief. From headaches to back pain, massage can reduce pain for multiple conditions.

5. Massage Increases Circulation, leading to radiant skin, healthy cellular growth, and good organ function.

Regular massage can also improve mood and flexibility.

But how does one achieve regular massage? Here are five tricks to help you do just that.

5 Ways to Make Massage a Regular Feature in Your Life

1. Book appointments one month at a time. Once the appointments are in your planner, you’ll be less likely to shirk on self-care. You can book appointments at our Portland school of massage online at

2. Buy packages to take advantage of lower rates. You’ll feel more generous with yourself knowing that you saved a good deal. Our massage clinic currently offers a package discount; you save 20% when you prepay for five massage students.

3. Ask for massage for gifts. Massage gift certificates are easy to give and delightful to redeem.

4. Visit a massage school, like East West College, where you can enjoy affordable, excellent massage at the hands of students in the final term of their massage therapy training. To book an appointment at our clinic, visit or call 503-233-6500.

5. Give yourself massages. You can massage yourself into a happier state of mind. East West College offers ongoing education in massage, so you can learn how to better care for yourself and family members through healing touch.

With diligence, you can make massage a regular part of your life, and enjoy all the health benefits that come with massage. Call our massage therapist school to learn more about how our clinic and massage therapy classes can help you meet your healthcare and education goals.