In This Episode You Will Learn: 

  1. Why you should trust your gut feeling when you choose a massage therapy program.
  2. Important questions you should ask of potential massage therapy programs.
  3. The benefits of making massage therapy school your primary focus.

A Transformative Calling

Til Luchau, certified advanced Rolfer and director of Advanced Trainings, shares how to choose a massage therapy school that will fuel your passion and help you reach your goals.

Massage therapy offers a myriad of specializations and interdisciplinary pathways. Til emphasizes that in order to be a successful student and massage therapist, you must start with a passion for massage. Then, be willing to try different modalities or techniques as your education progresses. 

[19:31] “Go for it. Don’t be so worried about [your educational pathway] being just the right thing right now.”

Passion is fundamental because Til has seen how massage is more than a profession: It’s a calling that offers abundant opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

Ask About the Culture

Til explains that massage therapy requires a synergy of intuitive, cognitive, and interpersonal elements. Til notes that the best students master these elements by:

  • Being interested in and committed to learning
  • Attending schools that fit their learning style
  • Seeking high quality instruction and experience

In order to find the best school for you and your goals, Til’s advice is to:

  • Call a massage practice you’d like to work for. Ask what credentials they’d like to see on an applicant’s resume. This will give you an idea of what credentials you need to work toward.
  • Visit the campus and sit in on a class. You will get a feel for the instructors and quality of the curriculum.
  • Ask graduates about the program. While online reviews are somewhat helpful, they don’t always give you the full picture.

The culture of the school you choose impacts the kind of massage therapist you’ll become. Ask the schools you visit what they value in terms of their culture. What makes them distinct?

Slow Down and Just Go for It

Til has observed that the therapists who enjoy their career the most are those who didn’t rush their schooling. He urges prospective students to slow down and avoid multitasking as much as possible. 

[20:15] “[Massage therapy] has the potential to be a full calling and… it will give you back as much as you put into it… If you can put some other things aside to make this your primary focus for a while, that’s really going to increase… the reward you get out of it.”

Be clear about what your primary focus is, and don’t be afraid to just go for it. Much of being an excellent massage therapist is determined by how much you allow the work to influence your life. When you let what you learn enter your brain, heart, body, and soul, you are better able to impact others.

[23:02] “The really good therapists are the ones who inspire their clients.”

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