What would you consider your most important massage marketing tool? Social media? Word of mouth? A massage chair?

massage chairs are an important tool for massage marketing

Photo from touchpro.com/story-of-the-first-massage-chair/

Yes, a piece of furniture can serve a critical role in massage marketing. While completing their massage therapist schooling at East West College, our students have the opportunity to envision the next five years. They think about where they want to go next, after spending months gathering the right skills, tools, and knowledge to thrive as LMTs. A massage chair is incredibly helpful in building a robust massage business.

Massage chairs may seem innocuous, but they are exceptional for marketing massage services. Let’s examine

how savvy use of massage chairs can help push forward massage careers.

 4 Ways to Use Massage Chairs to Market Massage Services

  1. Maximize Portability by Providing Chair Massage at Events.

When David Palmer introduced the first massage chair in 1986, massage instructors and experienced LMTs almost immediately recognized its potential for growing massage therapy as a whole. Massage chairs are easily transported. They’re easy to assemble and take down, and their sleek designs fit almost anywhere. This is the main advantage of having a massage chair for your business: you can set up at various events, including:

  • Conferences
  • Offices
  • Athletic Events
  • Airports
  • Festivals

Massage chairs are light enough to tote almost anywhere; one of the most popular massage chairs clocks in at just 18 pounds. Yet this lightweight chair can support clients up to 300 pounds in weight.

Clients who would be hesitant to book a table massage are far more comfortable slipping into a massage chair in a familiar location. Coffee shops, stores, and corporate settings are a few more locations where chair massage may be offered. After enjoying a chair massage session, potential clients are far more likely to book a follow up table session. That’s why it’s key to have your scheduler and a stack of business cards at hand when providing chair massage.

  1. Connect with “Warm Leads”—H.R. Directors, Event Sponsors, Etc.

While providing chair massage at events, look to make connections with individuals who would be likely to contract with you for future chair work. If someone mentions that they work in HR, suggest that you could offer chair massage for their office.

Let the referral process work both ways. In your table massage space, post a sign reading, “Ask me about chair massage in your workplace.” This will spark conversations and deliver “warm leads,” i.e. connections that are far easier to convert into table massage contracts than a cold, out-of-the-blue marketing contact would be.

  1. Volunteer at Like-Minded Events.

Sports, festivals, benefit yoga events, and employee wellness events— these are all excellent opportunities to market your massage services. While volunteering to provide short chair massages won’t immediately bring you income, it is a great way to make connections with future clients. Regular clients being the lifeblood of a sustainable massage practice, earning just one or two new regulars per volunteer event can make a huge difference in your business’ long-term success.

  1. Contract with Event Planners.

Reach out to conference and event planners. Ask for the opportunity to provide on-site chair massage for agreed-upon blocks of time. This will put attendees at ease while burnishing the event’s reputation. Work with each planner to arrive at a good hourly price for your services. If the second party isn’t willing to pay, consider offering small chunks of service at affordable rates. After walking on a concrete expo floor for hours, conference attendees will see $10 for ten minutes of massage as downright generous.

When you promote table massage to chair massage clients, you build a stronger, more flexible massage business. As you gain more massage chair clients, you’ll find some crossover in the other direction, as chair massage customers book table sessions.

Marketing is all about getting your services in front of a wider audience. A massage chair greatly increases the locations where you can demonstrate your massage skills. Consider adding a massage chair to your business assets. The East West College bookstore employees would be happy to review different chair features and options, just stop by during business hours, or call us at 503-233-6500.