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Massage Chairs: Massage Marketing Tools for Booking Table Sessions


What would you consider your most important massage marketing tool? Social media? Word of mouth? A massage chair? Photo from Yes, a piece of furniture can serve a critical role in massage marketing. While completing their massage therapist schooling at East West College, our students have the opportunity to envision the next five years. They think about where they want to go next, after spending months gathering the right skills, tools, and knowledge to thrive as LMTs. A massage chair is incredibly helpful in building a robust massage business. Massage chairs may seem innocuous, but they are exceptional [...]

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Tips for Creating an Elevator Pitch for your Massage Therapy Work


Having basic marketing skills is essential to expanding any massage therapy practice. Succinctly delivering an “elevator pitch” is a key practice for gaining new clients. An elevator pitch is a compelling introduction that is short enough to deliver while ascending or descending floors in an elevator. The idea here is to create a polished, interesting statement that draws in listeners. Then, you can hand each listener a card and mention your new client special before the elevator doors open to the destination floor. Of course, there are many occasions outside of elevators where this pitch will come in handy—networking events, dinner [...]

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Massage Therapy: Flexible work in High Demand


Wondering if you should become a massage therapist? If the answer is yes, now is a great time to make your move. The industry is growing quickly, proving careers in massage therapy to be quite valuable. Beyond the strong work outlook, therapists enjoy flexible work hours in a variety of settings—all while doing a job that really makes a difference by helping people feel good. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, massage therapy work is projected to grow 23% 2012-2015, a rate that is light years ahead of the average occupation. East West College of the Healing Arts has had [...]

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The Benefits of Volunteering Your Massage Therapy Services


Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give.” LMTs have many opportunities to volunteer, from providing hospice massage to providing massage therapy for homeless youths. But why would you want to practice your craft for free, when you can get paid for it? Well, that’s a totally legitimate question. Read on to discover some of the many benefits massage therapists can enjoy from volunteer work. Portland Massage Therapy School’s Top Benefits of Volunteering: Volunteering Zaps Stagnation. Every profession includes boredom from time to time. If you feel stuck [...]

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Why and How to Create a Massage Client Referral Program


Do you feel like your massage therapy career has plateaued? Are you looking for new clients to bring fresh life to your practice? Consider establishing a client referral program. Referral programs allow benefits for both the client and the massage therapist. For the therapist, it is an opportunity to enhance one’s income while growing a client base. Referral programs can bring the massage therapist thousands of dollars in new business. For the client, it is an opportunity to receive discounted or free massages through referrals, and to accumulate more massages at a discounted rate. Client Referral Programs: Client Referrals and Professional [...]

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How to Center Yourself Before Giving a Massage


Think back to when you were first dreaming of a career in massage. Perhaps you were contemplating getting a massage certificate, or eagerly flipping through pamphlets from massage schools in NYC or Oregon, dreaming of your future. One question that you may have asked yourself during this process—and a question massage therapists may ask throughout their career—is what constitutes the ideal massage?  Is it the perfect shiatsu technique, or being up-to-date on the latest trends? The ideal massage is not merely about a certain technique; it is rather grounded in how you show up in the space when giving a massage. [...]

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Spring Cleaning: Tips for Keeping a Sparkling Clean Massage Space


Creating a clean and clear massage space might not be the first thing you learned in massage therapy training, but it is a vital aspect of your practice. Clients are subconsciously affected by your massage space. While they may not realize it, a clean, organized, peaceful room free of distractions goes a long way toward putting your clients in a relaxed state. Having a spotless treatment room should rank high on your list of priorities. Feeling stuck on where to start? Add regular tidying to your appointment book, begin a quarterly deep cleaning practice, and follow these spring-cleaning tips! De-clutter. • [...]

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East West College Hosts the AMTA-OR Conference


Our northwest massage school is proud to have hosted this year’s American Massage Therapy Association of Oregon conference! On April 24th and 25th, licensed massage therapists from across the state attended the AMTA-OR conference to earn message therapy continuing education credits, and to polish their skills. An East West College instructor contributed to the conference by facilitating a session on spa modalities. The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) is the nation’s largest non-profit organization serving massage schools, massage therapists, and massage students. Among the many roles that the AMTA serves, the organization promotes massage to the general public; lobbies for just [...]

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Massage College Preview Promo Post


Psychology research has shown that people who engage in a variety of experiences are happier overall. Following your personal interests to new experiences is a great way to increase happiness. If you’ve always been curious about massage therapy, our massage certification program has a new, mood-boosting event for you: Our Monthly Massage College Preview. This month, our Massage College Preview event will be held on Wednesday, December 10th from 6:00 to 7:30pm. Join us on campus for a Q&A session about massage therapy. An East West College admissions representative will be on hand to answer questions about our school. If you’re [...]

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Curious about Massage as a Career? Join us for our massage college preview event


If you’re looking for information on Portland massage schools, we invite you to join us on November 15th for our Massage College Preview Event. On that Saturday, from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, massage professionals, admission representatives, and teachers will gather to answer your questions about kicking off a massage therapist career. From 10:00am to Noon, our admission representative will partner with a local professional massage therapist to answer your questions. How can I pay for massage school? What does it take to get a massage therapist certification or license? Can I complete a massage program while working a full-time job? Bring these [...]

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