Will you please introduce yourself?

My name is Kevin Faris I graduated from East West in October 2013

What drew you to massage therapy?

The Thing that drew me to massage was an old construction injury. I had some treatments and it was the most helpful thing.

Why did you select East West College?

I found East West by chance. I was searching good massage schools around the area and I knew some LMT’s and they said East West is the best.

Since graduation what has been your biggest professional challenge? How were you able to overcome it?

Since I have graduated from school my biggest professional challenge has been grounding. The way I have overcome it is by breathing exercises and stretching before each client and also making sure I eat enough food.

What words of advice would you give future students at East West College?

Some words of advice: while in school study everything that you can, ask as many questions as you can, and work on as many people as you can, and last but not least ask yourself how can you get better and what purpose it holds. For this reason you will succeed further in your career.