Couples massage consists of concurrent massage sessions given to two people in the same room, with two massage therapists working simultaneously. The massage tables are typically arranged side-by-side. Therapists may select to intensify the shared aspect of the experience by carrying out similar strokes at the same time. Long, soothing strokes, such as in Swedish massage, are perfect for this tandem relaxation. Couples massage may be offered in spas, private massage practices, or in clients’ homes. Read on to learn benefits of couples massage, as well as marketing, pricing, and space considerations.

Client Benefits of Couples Massage
Bonding. During massage, feel-good neurochemicals and hormones flood the body. Partners can experience increased happiness and connectedness during couples massage.
Enjoying the Present Moment.  Couples and friends can enjoy the present-moment mindfulness of couples massage. Shared relaxation may allow friends and lovers to let go of cyclical criticism and just enjoy the present moment.
Novel experience. Psychologists tell us that couples who do more new things together are more satisfied with their relationships.

Couples Massage Benefits for the Therapist:
–New Clients.
Use couples massage to invite otherwise hesitant new clients.
Onboarding New Therapists. New therapists can learn on the job by emulating more experienced colleagues during couples massage.

Arranging Couples Massage: Space Considerations
You don’t need a huge room to offer couples massage. As long as the therapists are willing to coordinate their movements, any space that can accommodate two massage tables will do.

For those looking for a romantic experience, pull out all the stops. Feature red and pink tones. Sprinkle rose petals. Have staff dress in red. Offer several options for romantic music. Add warmth with battery-operated candles and silk floral arrangements.

To maximize your space, use Japanese screens, folding doors, or break doors to separate a large room for private massage, while still allowing a generous space for couples massage.

Marketing Couples Massage
While romantic partners will certainly enjoy couples massage, it is also a real treat for friends, sisters, mothers and daughters, and others. To make all feel welcome, create different packages for friends versus couples.  To extend the quality bonding time, consider offering tea and cookies in a quiet, private room, where massage recipients can continue to enjoy the relaxing experience without rushing out the door.

Couples Massage Pricing is up to the therapist’s preferences. Loyalty pricing for current clients may include a two-for-one couples massage offer. Or, a therapist may offer a longer couples session, justifying a slightly higher cost. With couples massage, you’re marketing an emotional experience as well as manual therapy. Extend the experience with post-massage relaxation, including fluffy white robes, light refreshments, and thoughtful decorations. Finally, earn client loyalty with a gift bags upon departure, featuring aromatherapy, candles, personalized lotions, and so forth, in a small gift bag.

Here are a few more couples massage marketing suggestions:
–Mention it to current clients whose partners are hesitant about trying massage. It can be a great way to alleviate concerns, as the partner will be in the same room.
–Include a discounted couples massage as a “thank you” to loyal customers on their birthday or their “anniversary” with your practice.
–Display Valentine’s Day (or Mother’s Day) specials, print them on special paper—such as with rose borders—and display them prominently throughout your space.
–Offer a gift with each couples massage purchase, such as a chocolate rose, a small commemorative stuffed animal, and heart-shaped candle holders.
–Decorate the space with a bouquet of the client’s preferred flowers as part of a luxury package.
–Encourage couples to add to the experience by bringing an aromatherapy candle, their own music, a dozen roses, etc.
–Partner with local hotels to offer guests special couples massage packages. Display a flyer at their concierge desk to draw in new clients.
–Use social media accounts to let your connections know of couples massage specials.

Couples massage is a delightful experience for romantic partners, dear friends, and other pairs. A shared massage experience is meaningful for any relationship. Meanwhile, therapists can hone their craft while also building a stronger client base through couples massage. For more ways to keep your massage practice fresh, we recommend that Portland massage therapists check out East West College’s professional development offerings. From marketing techniques to new therapeutic approaches, our continuing education for massage therapy professionals is robust. Or, for those who are new to the field, we facilitate a strong massage license program. Learn more at our admissions site,