Are you considering a career in massage? Those who work in Portland Massage Schools can tell you that some people are better suited to this work than others. A massage therapist career is best matched to a compassionate, determined individual with the traits we’ve gathered below.

Characteristics of Successful Massage Therapists

Being a “people person.” There’s no way around it—massage is a career that requires plenty of interactions with other human beings. In general, massage therapists are caring souls who enjoy alleviating others’ suffering. If you don’t particularly like working with people, this is probably not the career for you.

Passionate about Massage Therapy. Perhaps this goes without saying, but enthusiasm for the massage profession is key. This natural excitement shines through in everything a successful LMT does—from connecting with patients, to giving massages, to attending continuing education workshops.

Persistence in Improving Personal Skills and Building a Practice. Are you patient with yourself, and able to stay dedicated to your craft over the long term? These characteristics are needed for building a strong base of clients.

Integrity. A modern massage therapist must have integrity and strong personal ethics in order to succeed.

Communication Skills. Non-judgmental, clear communication is a must in any massage therapy session. With warm, direct communication, a therapist can earn trust and help their clients relax.

Professionalism. Punctuality, reliability, and responsibility are necessary traits for a massage therapist. Without a professional demeanor, you cannot hope to attract or keep clients.

Dedication to Continuing Education. A successful massage therapist is a life-long learner who’s constantly on the lookout for education opportunities to improve massage skills and grow as a person. Massage therapy is an intimate experience, and the more grounded and well-rounded you are as an individual, the easier it will be for patients to relax under your healing touch.

If this list of characteristics describes you, contact us to learn more about the COMTA-accredited massage program at East West College of the Healing Arts.