Massage therapy is a transformative modality that empowers people to discover profound healing. Yet choosing your ideal massage therapy school can be a challenging process. Where should you begin to look? How will you know which schools are superior? What massage therapy classes should you look for? And what should you prioritize in a school? To help with this process, we recommend listening to the Choosing a Massage School Podcast. 

The podcast features interviews with leading educators and practitioners from across the massage world, from Florida to Oregon. Massage school advice from industry experts– that’s what the podcast offers. Listen in as guests explore themes such as:

  • What led them to a career in massage, 
  • The healing they have witnessed and experienced, and
  • How they continue to grow their skills.

Throughout, the focus is on the schools that helped these massage juggernauts along the way. At the intersection of massage culture and community, the Choosing a Massage School podcast salutes the benefits of therapeutic touch, empowers massage therapists in the community, and invites anyone interested in the complex journey of healing to learn more.

Join expert therapists, massage educators and thought leaders in the industry, as they seek to inform and inspire you to look for a school that will work with your unique talents, equipping you with the right skills to start your career.

The podcast’s first episode features Whitney Lowe, the director of the Academy of Clinical Massage. 

Renowned in the massage world for his work on assessment protocols, Whitney wrote the profession’s first accessible assessment reference book, Orthopedic Assessment in Massage Therapy. He influences LMTs through regular articles in publications including Massage Magazine, Massage & Bodywork, and Massage Today. Whitney also serves on the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies. His work in massage therapy and LMT education have been honored with many accolades over the years, including Licensed Massage Therapist of the year (Oregon, 2001), Continuing Education Educator of the Year (Alliance for massage Therapy Education, 2014), and the Certificate of Appreciation for Dedication to the Profession (AMTA, 2011). After three decades of experience in massage and massage education,  Whitney offers an invaluable perspective for those just entering the field. Here are some of the questions Whitney answers in this podcast:

–What questions should I be asking myself as I select a massage school?
–Are some massage certification programs better than others? How so?
–What are some red flags that a massage program lacks quality?
–Is it better to go to a massage vocational school or a traditional, four-year college that offers a massage therapy program?
–How can I know if I am dealing with a masterful massage therapy educator?
–What should I expect from a massage school in terms of technology and textbooks?
Whitney also reflects on his techniques for avoiding burnout. 

We invite you to dive into this fascinating interview. 

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