Getting your massage career started after graduating from massage school isn’t easy. And even if you’ve been out of massage therapist school for years, keeping up with laundry, marketing, professional requirements, and other aspects of LMT life can be challenging. Particularly as the new year approaches, it’s a good time to take stock of where you could be “working smarter” instead of “working harder.”  Let’s take a look at what apps could help you streamline your massage work this year. We include two sections: apps for students who are currently in massage schools in Oregon and elsewhere, and apps for massage therapists who are already in the therapeutic massage profession.

Top Apps for Massage School Students

  1. Palpation Mapp is an affordable ($9.99) app to help you develop excellent palpation skills. Based on the comprehensive Trail Guide to the Body textbook, the app includes techniques, more than 200 muscle overlay images from the textbook, and information on identifying landmarks in the body such as attachment sites. Think of it as your on-the-go massage therapy tutor. Available for: Apple products including iPads and iPhones. 
  2. Flashcard Machine allows you to create, share, and print flashcards. Their website contains thousands of pre-made flashcards created by users, or you can make your own online flashcards. You can practice with flashcards, play games, and quiz yourself through the website. This resource is free with ads, which are hidden for a year if you make a donation. Available for: web browsers, Apple, Android, and Kindle Fire.
  3. Visible Body is a powerful set of apps for students and professionals in healing professions. Its Anatomy and Physiology app/software introduces the functions and structures of each system in the human body. An optional add-on examines just muscles and bones.
    Available for: All platforms, from Apple products to web suites. In its web suite, Visible Body also offers Anatomy and Physiology study flashcards. 
  4. Pocket Prep is an app to Study for your licensing exam. Those who attend massage schools in Oregon and hope to obtain a massage license in the Beaver state must pass the MBLEx exam. We suggest you start with the American Massage Therapy Association’s free MBLEx study guide. From there, Pocket Prep’s exam simulation app can help you get ready to ace your exam.
    Available for: Google Play as well as the Apple Store. Or you can go through their website,

Top Apps for Licensed Massage Therapists

  1. Soothe is a great way to pick up a few extra sessions. It connects clients with LMTs in their area, available at their selected times. If you have your own table and transportation you can apply to become a Soothe therapist. We recommend you review Soothe’s Trust and Safety guidelines. Available for: Android and Apple.  
  2. Click4Time is an appointment booking software package that also includes customizable intake forms, COVID screeners, and automated appointment reminders. It can help you devote less time to scheduling, while also suffering fewer no-shows. Click4Time makes it easy for your clients to book time with you online. Available for: Web browsers.
  3. Square is a great app for those who need a countertop Point of Sale system. The Square Reader plugs into Android and Apple devices to allow credit and debit card payments. It also allows you to book appointments, send receipts, sell gift cards, and more. Available for: Apple, Android, and web browsers.
  4. Insight Timer is an excellent meditation and yoga app for resetting between sessions, and at the end of a long day. It is flexible enough to offer guided practices as well as customizable timers if you have your way of doing things. It is a free way to practice self-care. Available for: Android, Apple, and web browsers.  
  5. The Nike Training Club app is a great way to get a workout in, even when you can’t make it to the gym. Nike chose to make the premium version of the app free during COVID shutdowns, and announced the change would be permanent. Choose from yoga, dance, strength training, and much more to fit the amount of time you have available. Available for: Apple and Android.

While there are many online options for CE, we don’t think there’s a good app for that. Instead, we recommend checking out the in-person continuing massage therapy offerings at East West College. Please note that we are currently requiring written proof of COVID vaccines or a negative COVID-19 test for all CE courses.