When it comes to job openings, East West grads often find their applications at the top of the pile, since our school has a reputation for academic excellence. We have even heard of students getting jobs on the East West College name alone. We’re a top Oregon massage school, and many feel ours is one of the top massage therapy programs in the country.

So if you’re an alum of our school, you can feel confident entering a massage therapy interview. Your East West College classes and clinic experience is excellent preparation to become a massage therapist. Even so, you should prepare yourself for each interview by following our tips below. With the East West College name and your own careful preparation, you can land that dream massage therapy job.

Bring a Cover Letter and Resume. This standard procedure is also expected for massage therapy positions, particularly when interviewing for a position in a chiropractor’s office or spa location. Consider also that a well-written cover letter will indicate to your potential employer that you are a good communicator. In your cover letter, discuss your school, your modalities, and your dreams for future certifications, as well as any particular reasons why you are well suited to this particular position.

Dress Smart. Full business attire is not necessary, but your clothing should be clean and neat. Don’t wear shorts and a tank top—think semi-formal, with long sleeves. Because you will probably be giving a massage, you’ll want to be comfortable. Black yoga pants and a button-down shirt are a great combination for a massage therapy interview.

Prepare for Negotiations. Don’t be blindsided when an offer is extended. Walk into the interview with an idea of what you want the job to include, and how much you need/want to make. Also be prepared with a few “selling points” if the offer isn’t high enough for your needs. You’ll need to argue why your work is worth a higher salary—for instance, because you’re bringing X number of clients with you, you offer unusual modalities, you have exceptional experience, etc.

Expect to do a Massage. Most massage employers will run you through a hands-on audition. This may surprise some, but an in-person massage is really the only way to know your style. While delivering the interview massage, be as relaxed as possible. If you are nervous, it will be conveyed through your touch. Meditate, stretch, or breathe deeply just before the interview to help soothe your nerves.

Practice Answering Common Massage Interview Questions. Why did you choose massage therapy as a career? How do you take care of yourself between massages? How many clients do you normally see each day? Prepare to answer these and many other massage interview questions. Practice answering in the mirror, with your spouse—heck, why not practice answering questions to the dog? The more that you practice, the more polished your answers will be in the interview.

At East West College of the Healing Arts, our program also includes a course on the business of massage, including more interviewing tips. This class helps each passionate student enter a successful massage therapy career.