If you’re shopping west coast massage schools, we recommend checking out each institution’s anatomy and physiology classes. These courses are the backbone of any strong massage certification program. Together, Anatomy and Physiology inform therapists on how the body is structured (anatomy), and how it functions (physiology). When working as a massage therapist, Anatomy and Physiology is a must-have. Otherwise you can’t have a good map of the body, nor an understanding of how different parts work together.

One reason why we’re consistently chosen as the best massage school in Oregon—and one of the top schools in the nation—is that our anatomy and physiology classes are challenging. They have to be tough, in order to meet COMTA accreditation standards. In our program, students clock in 99 hours of Anatomy and Physiology education, for a total of 8.3 academic credits.

In East West Anatomy & Physiology classes (affectionately known as A&P) students learn about the body from the cell level up. Cells, tissues, and systems are discussed in detail. Students at East West College learn about connective, epithelial, nervous, and muscular tissue in their A&P classes. They also walk away with an understanding of the skeletal, nervous, muscular, integumentary, endocrine, lymphatic, digestive, urinary, cardiovascular, reproductive, and respiratory systems. This college-level course is known to stretch our students’ brains.

However, when you land a job post-graduation, you’ll appreciate all the brainpower your East West College instructors demanded in A&P and other courses. In Portland and beyond, East West College grads have a reputation for deep anatomical awareness, allowing them to communicate effectively with other healthcare professionals. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals appreciate that East West College alumni understand standard medical lingo. A shared scientific vocabulary saves time and ultimately improves patient outcomes.

In the end, Anatomy & Physiology not only comprise the core of any LMT’s body knowledge; a strong understanding of A&P may also allow you to land a job in the area of medical massage. To learn more about our program, contact East West College admissions.