Tori graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts in September 2017. She worked in our Alumni Clinic as an Licensed Massage Therapist up until July of this year when she accepted the position of Continuing Education Coordinator. Tori is now in charge of scheduling and supporting over 100 Continuing Education classes a year. Tori is a great fit for this role and are happy she is continuing to be part of our team!

We interviewed Tori about accepting the new position. Read on…

What drew you to apply for the CE Coordinator position?

It wasn’t any one specific thing, but more of a feeling. When I heard that the position had opened up, I just felt really drawn to it. Having trained at East West College to become an LMT, I have learned to trust my intuition as much as my knowledge and the idea of being able to help people while still challenging myself was an opportunity that I didn’t want to pass up on.

How are you settling into your new space and job duties?

Tina did an amazing job trying to get me up to speed and I value her insights and strategies in keeping on top of things. I’m still adjusting, but I feel more confident each day because of the support from all of my coworkers. I think that has helped me finally find a bit of my rhythm.

Even though you are new to the position, is there anything that stands out that you are really enjoying so far?

I am actually enjoying a few things. I find peace in organizing things and I love to learn; lucky for me these things seem to be a big part of the job. I also love people, so getting to know everyone at the school better has been wonderful. There are so many smart, funny, and talented people here and I love that I can be inspired by them.