Every loving child wants to see his or her senior parent or loved one live comfortably. Unfortunately, pain is inevitable as aging and arthritis take their toll. Whether you’re providing care for a senior parent at home or through an assisted living facility, giving him or her massage every once in a while can greatly soothe pain. If your senior doesn’t have his/her own therapist, why not take a couple of massage classes and perform it yourself. Learning massage therapy will not only benefit your parent; it can also be a lifelong skill you can upgrade for licensure.

Senior Care

Arthritis and Elderlies

Arthritis is basically the painful inflammation of the joints. Depending on its severity, the pain can range from dull and throbbing to sharp, hot and grating.  As such, it results to stiffness, reduced range of motion, weakened overall joint function. Experts say regular massage of these areas can lead to a significant reduction in pain. With less pain, elderly arthritic patients enjoy increased activity levels and, thus, greater quality of life.

Swedish Massage for Arthritis

Swedish massage is among the most popular types of massages known to benefit people with arthritis. Some people advise that it be avoided for elderlies because the deep-tissue approach can cause a certain degree of soreness.  Several studies, however, have shown that this is, in fact, safe for the elderly and provides them many therapeutic benefits. It mainly entails long, fluid stroking of the muscles, intended specifically to enhance blood flow to large muscle groups which, in turn, reduces stiffness and facilitates improved range of motion for the joint. Being a lighter, rhythmic form of massage, Swedish massage also helps the mind and body relax. Through professional training, Swedish massage need not be painful for elderlies.

Safety Reminders

An aging body, however, can be extremely sensitive that even a gentle massage can cause some problems. To avoid this, always ask for approval from your parent’s doctor regarding giving a massage or whether a particular lubricant may cause him/her skin rashes. During the session, always ask your parent if he/she feels any sort of discomfort from what you’re doing.

Learning massage can be one of the greatest gifts you can give to your aging parents. It helps them live a more active and relaxed life. By taking some massage therapy classes from reputable training institutions, like East West College, you can provide your parent a better and more personalized care.

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