Successful massage therapists are always innovating fresh new ways to keep clients booking appointments. Today we’re offering suggestions on how therapists can revive their approach to massage cream and facial oil. Although this single aspect of your massage practice may seem to be a small fraction of your overall work, paying attention to such details is what will set you apart in your clients’ minds, fueling your thriving career in massage. Oils and lotions are a great opportunity to transform an ordinary message into an extraordinary experience.

Fresh Massage Lotion and Oil Ideas for 2015

  • 1. Customize the oil and massage experience.

People appreciate when you remember things about them, like their name and what they do for a living. Why would their favorite massage lotion or oil be any different? Though it may seem like a lot to keep track of, it’s easy to do by documenting what the client prefers and offering it on their next visit. Consider integrating essential oils for different moods. If you’d like to truly customize the experience for your client, consider allowing them to create their own DIY essential oil blend. You can keep tabs on this and revisit it when they come in to see you and also offer small samples to take home.

  • 2. Integrate anti-oxidant massage creams, particularly in deep tissue massage.

Anti-oxidants can repair and protect skin while your expert hands discover and soften trigger points. To educate clients on the benefits of anti-oxidants, invite your clients to sample various creams, and provide them with a list of benefits from key ingredients.

  • 3. Expand the Clients’ Experience “Off the Table.”

Want to get really fancy? Consider sourcing local massage products and offering a special self-massage class and fair to allow clients to meet local oil and lotion craftspeople.

Don’t have the time for such event management? Take the subtle route – begin integrating new oils and creams into your sessions, and send small samples home. As clients enjoy their massage treats, they’ll remember the healing they experienced under your thumbs.

Something as simple as an eye pillow for that light-sensitive client, or as thoughtful as an arm rest for a client who feels uncomfortable with dangling arms, can be the distinguishing factor that wins you return massage business. By paying close attention to the details of your massage practice, you can develop a core group of consistent clientele.