Become a Massage Therapist

East West College offers courses to help students
earn their Massage Therapy Certification.

Consider a Career in Massage Therapy

Our massage therapist training program is both thorough and extensive in order to best prepare you for the field, so that you will emerge from East West College feeling confident about starting your new profession.

East West College is accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA), the only federally recognized accrediting agency with specific curriculum standards for massage therapist programs.

About Us

Since 1982, East West College has prepared graduates for successful massage careers. We empower students with deep knowledge in the art and science of massage through our rigorous and balanced massage therapy courses. Our COMTA-accredited program combines a solid foundation in the understanding of body mechanics with the ability to create effective, personalized treatments. This technical knowledge is supported by education in ethical practices, effective communication skills, and business strategies to meet the student’s personal massage therapist goals.

Conveniently located in downtown Portland our new facility includes 30,000 square feet of totally remodeled space easily accessible by public transit.

Lori Johnson

Lori Johnson
Dean of Admissions, East West College

Speak With an Admissions Representative

Resarching educational programs is an exciting step on the path towards a massage therapy career. We invite you to talk with one of our friendly and knowledgable Admissions Representatives about how the program at East West College can help you achieve your dreams of making a difference.

  • First quarter: you will learn how to apply Swedish massage techniques, an introduction to kinesiology and the major muscles in the body, and how to establish healthy therapeutic relationships with clients.
  • Second quarter: you will move into learning the incredible complexities of the anatomy, physiology & pathology of the body. Here, you will dive deeper into the skeletal & muscular system and explore the major approaches of several western massage & bodywork modalities.
  • Third quarter: you will continue to grow your knowledge of body mechanics and use your newly acquired bodywork skills to address the disorders and conditions typically encountered in massage practice.
  • Fourth quarter: you will put all your massage therapy training into actual practice at the EWC Student Clinic — a very exciting time! Plus, you will be able to take two specific bodywork electives.

Do you want to make a difference?
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All of the faculty hold such a high level of integrity and teach the art of presence and making clients feel at ease. In my own massage practice today, my own professionalism helps my clients to feel safe, at ease, and well-taken care of so they can fully receive the work of my hands and heart.

Lauren Harris, LMT and EWC Graduate

The amount of help and overall attention to students was beyond what I expected. I was flabbergasted at how amazing the staff was, not just the teachers, but everyone.

Martina Tuckner, LMT and EWC Graduate

My experience at EWC was amazing. What I learned about massage and technique was only the beginning. What I learned about myself was both a surprise and a most valuable lesson.

Lori Volm, LMT and EWC Graduate

I love the massage profession as it allows for me to increase the quality of life for many individuals. East West Changed my life by connecting me with my true calling, my true passion.

Neva Winter, LMT and EWC Graduate