When dreaming of how to become a massage therapist, a person might think of all the incredible healing techniques they’ll learn at massage therapy school. However, a high-quality school of massage must also teach therapists how to communicate with clients before, during, and after the massage. Asking the right questions can help create a customized healing experience that clients won’t soon forget.

Here are a few questions students at our school of massage are trained to ask to optimize each client’s massage session:

1. Do you prefer lotion or oil?
Each emollient provides a different viscosity for delivering massage strokes. However, it is also very different from the client’s side—lotion makes some people feel slippery or cold, while others complain about the greasiness of oil. It never hurts to ask; you might be surprised how many people have a preference about receiving massage with lotion or oil. Even a seemingly small question about emollients can show clients how well attuned you are to their needs. And if you remember their preference for the next session, they’ll probably be impressed!

  1. Would you like a bolster under their knees/ankles?
    Again, it comes down to client comfort. In a supine position, Some people feel more relaxed with a bolster under their knees. Similarly, a bolster under the ankles in a prone position can help relieve pressure on the tops of the feet. However, not all clients enjoy bolsters, so a savvy massage therapist will ask.
  2. May I use warm and/or cold packs during the massage today?
    Hot packs can help warm up and prepare muscles, so they’re easier to massage. Cold packs can feel refreshing for tired muscles. Temperature is a very personal experience, so clients will appreciate your asking about which therapy tools to use.
  3. How’s the lighting? Is it too bright/dark?
    Some clients will be more light-sensitive than others. Those who experience migraines, for instance, may have a hard time relaxing under bright lights. To score beaucoup brownie points with light sensitive clients, consider offering an eye pillow. This small pillow filled with flax seeds or buckwheat will promote relaxation by encouraging stillness in the eyes, while also blocking out excess light.
  4. What about the temperature? Are you feeling chilly or too hot?
    Something as simple as an extra blanket can help chilly clients relax, while turning on a fan can help toasty clients feel more comfortable.
  5. Is this pressure okay? Would you like more or less?
    This final question is worth asking multiple times during a massage. Different areas of the body will have different sensitivity levels, so it’s smart to notice body language cues while also asking clients outright if the pressure feels right.

East West College students have the chance to practice asking clients these and other questions through the EWC massage clinic. While such considerations are included in every massage class, our on-site clinic provides an invaluable opportunity to test-drive these client experience boosts. To experience a customized massage for yourself, schedule a massage at our clinic through OurMassageClinic.com. And if you’re dreaming about going to massage school yourself, get in touch with our school of massage Admissions Department.