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The East West College Campus Store serves as a resource for students, alumni, and Portland massage professionals. The Campus Store has required and recommended textbooks for all courses, as well as massage tables, on-site chairs and accessories, massage oils and lotions, massage tools, learning aids and posters.

The Campus Store is happy to accommodate special orders and offers a 10% discount on non-food items to all alumni in good standing of East West College.

massage oils

Massage Equipment Rentals

EWC rents out massage chairs and tables on a daily basis; our grads get a special rate.  Please call 503-233-6500 to reserve.

Tables and Table Accessories

We stock NRG Karma Table Packages. Other tables may be custom ordered.

Table accessories include face rest covers (disposable, fleece),  bolsters (full round, half full round, jumbo round, ¾ jumbo round, half jumbo round, neck), sheet sets (cotton/poly, flannel, microfiber), table mover bands, table warmers and fleece pads.

Massage Tools and Accessories

  • Corpak
  • Cryocup
  • Cupping supplies (glass cupping jars, silicone cups, facial cups, jars, lighters, bag balm, hemostats, spoons)
  • Holsters (black, recycled, jar, double)
  • Kinesio tape
  • Theraband Hand Exerciser
  • Theraband Loop
  • Theraband Resistance Band™ kit
  • Theracane
  • Thumbby
  • Thumbsaver

Massage Lubricants

EWC carries a variety of lotions, crèmes, oils and gels in sizes ranging from trial (1 oz) to one gallon; larger sizes are available to special order. Call the Store for in-stock status, 503-233-6500.


  • Biofreeze Roll-on
  • Biofreeze Colorless Gel


  • Advanced Therapy lotion, crème, gel
  • Clear Results oil
  • Controlled Glide creme
  • Coco Comfort lotion
  • Deep Tissue lotion
  • Dual Purpose creme
  • Herbal Select Foot Therapy
  • Muscle & Joint Relief crème, gel
  • Nutri Naturals lotion, crème, oil
  • Revitalizing oil

Sacred Earth:

  • Arnica oil
  • Organic Massage oil
  • Vegan Massage crème, lotion