Will you please introduce yourself?

I’m Mary. I’m an aerial silks instructor and massage therapist. I know the importance of regular bodywork to help with repetitive stress, as well as the everyday stressors of life.

What drew you to massage therapy?

The idea of working and connecting with people one on one really drew me in. Being able to help people live their lives with less pain.

Why did you select East West College?

I loved that it’s on the east side of the river. I walked in one day to check it out and get a tour, Erika was so friendly and I could tell it was a great school. I love the flexibility they offer for people’s schedules with classes, I was a night student.

Since graduation what has been your biggest professional challenge? How were you able to overcome it?

Finding the right balance of work, play, and the pursuit of regular bodywork! My first two years I wasn’t getting enough massages myself which was not helpful for my career. Now that I’m in my third year of doing this I’ve been making sure to get a massage at least once a month. It makes a tremendous difference in my mental and physical health and vitality.

Since graduation what is the best part of your professional career?

When I get to connect with clients on a deep level and nurture the therapeutic relationship, it’s truly a beautiful thing! It reminds me why I love doing this so much. There is always more to learn in this line of work which keeps me stimulated and fulfilled.

What words of advice would you give future students at East West College?

Enjoy the program while you’re in it, before you know it it’ll be over! Set a self care routine for yourself and stick with it. Be sure to incorporate some sort of playful activity to keep your inner child alive. Good self care is one of the secrets to longevity!