We’re often told not to judge a book by its cover, yet it’s only human to do just that. We do make judgments based on physical appearance—and no wonder, given what a visual species we are! It’s not something that’s deeply discussed in every massage training school, but creating a visually welcoming space can do wonders for attracting a consistent client base. For those of you who are completing a massage therapist certification, now is the perfect time to plan how you’ll decorate your new workplace (i.e., your massage clinic). Read on for our tips on decorating a massage space.

5 Ways to Decorate a Massage Room

  1. Consider your Clients. A spa massage room will look very different than a massage therapy room in a hospital. And while spa clients would appreciate twinkly lights and other decorative touches, clients who are getting a massage to heal an injury are probably looking for a more professional, streamlined space.
  2. Check out Other Massage Therapists’ Rooms. Online resources such as Pinterest can help you get inspired. We also recommend visiting other massage therapy practices if possible, to see décor options first-hand.
  3. Pay Attention to the Ceiling. For instance, you might add twinkly lights and draping fabric. Remember, your clients will spend plenty of time looking at the ceiling during a massage.
  4. Add Candles with Style. It’s easier than you think to create a unique look for your candles. Rechargeable LED candles are a great choice because they won’t create the sulfuric smell that so many find off-putting. You can also wrap mason jars in lace to create an eye-catching display. Pinterest has plenty more candle ideas, including this entire Pinterest page on candles.
  5. Create Soothing Walls by adding natural elements, such as tree materials or photographs of stunning natural locales. If your massage room seems too dark, you can increase light naturally with a big mirror, or by adding a light sculpture.

An appealing massage space goes a long way toward building a strong base of return clientele. With these decoration methods, you can create a space that your clients will love to come back to time and time again.