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Self-Care: Tips to Unwind and Reset between Massage Therapy Sessions


For most therapists, earning a massage certificate or license means they are finally ready to provide excellent care to others. However, the truth is that therapists must take good care of themselves if they wish to heal others effectively. You can maximize the sustainability of your massage career though self-awareness and self-care. Too often, “self-care” is equated with yet more work. It’s not unusual to feel frustrated when self-care is just another item on your to-do list. But even a moment or two of sincere self-awareness and compassion can turn a day around. As you become more practiced in self-care, you [...]

Self-Care: Tips to Unwind and Reset between Massage Therapy Sessions2020-01-14T17:09:35-05:00

Massage Modalities: Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage


Even if you’ve never been to Hawaii, you’ve probably heard the word “Aloha,” meaning both hello and goodbye. Yet within these three syllables are many other meanings: honor, respect, unconditional love, and sacredness in all things. The Hawaiian form of massage therapy, Lomi Lomi, perfectly reflects this Aloha approach to life. And as with the term “Aloha,” while Lomi Lomi may seem simple—long, relaxing strokes to release tension and rejuvenate the client—with more experience, the deep beauty of this massage modality becomes apparent. Continuing our tradition of examining different types of massage, today we’re introducing the Lomi Lomi massage modality. Students [...]

Massage Modalities: Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage2019-11-14T17:06:51-05:00

Grief Massage: Reconnecting with the Body Through Healing Touch


The significant loss of a loved one often flows through every part of a person’s life. Grief often manifests as a stress response, complete with sleep disruptions, immune system suppression, changes in eating patterns.  Physical symptoms may include headaches, and lingering tightness in the jaw, shoulders, and neck. Physical touch through massage therapy can be a powerful way for a grieving person to reconnect with their body. This blog will offer research on grief massage, as well as intake form tips, treatment suggestions, and communication techniques for working with grieving massage therapy clients. Grief massage helps a person heal by allowing [...]

Grief Massage: Reconnecting with the Body Through Healing Touch2019-11-14T17:18:02-05:00

Massage Modalities: Fijian Barefoot Massage


When you think of deep tissue massage, which tools spring to mind? Do you picture a therapist’s strong hands, thumbs, and perhaps elbows? Massage tools, such as cups and rollers, may appear on your list if you’re already a professional in massage. Portland, Oregon may not have considered a less common tool for deep tissue massage—your feet! Today we’re taking a look at Fijian Barefoot Massage, a massage modality similar to Ashiatsu barefoot massage, as we covered in a previous blog post. What is Fijian Barefoot Massage? In Fijian barefoot massage, the client lies on pads on the floor and stays [...]

Massage Modalities: Fijian Barefoot Massage2019-11-14T17:00:33-05:00

Quick Hand, Wrist and Forearm Warm-Ups to Prevent Massage Therapy Injuries


For many people, a career in massage is a dream come true! Healing others, calm work environments, and flexible hours—what’s not to love? Well, without proper self-care, injury can strike, debilitating therapists. As a leading Pacific Northwest massage school, we are dedicated to supporting all aspects of the massage therapy profession, including injury prevention. As it turns out, therapists are especially prone to injuries in the hand, wrist, and forearm areas. That’s not too surprising, since these are some of the most commonly used tools at a therapist’s disposal. However, the prevalence of forearm, wrist, and hand pain may surprise you. [...]

Quick Hand, Wrist and Forearm Warm-Ups to Prevent Massage Therapy Injuries2019-11-14T16:57:15-05:00

Market for Massage Therapists: The Numbers According to the AMTA


Can a strong living be made from massage therapy? Absolutely, as robust economic numbers from the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) demonstrate. Below, we review the rosy figures from the AMTA, including market projections, labor rates, and projected career earnings. Drawing from government statistics, clinical studies, and surveys of Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) as well as consumers, the AMTA sought to deliver a big-picture review of the massage profession in their recent “Massage Therapy Industry Fact Sheet.” For students currently completing massage therapist schooling, the news is very positive indeed. LMTs already in the middle of their massage careers can also [...]

Market for Massage Therapists: The Numbers According to the AMTA2019-07-22T14:08:52-05:00

Welcoming Clients of All Sizes to your Massage Table: Massaging Obese/Fat Clients


Therapists are healers at heart; anyone who chooses to become a massage therapist is inspired to help others. Yet through lack of awareness around body size, therapists may unwittingly make clients feel uncomfortable. And while massage schools in Oregon and elsewhere train budding therapists in body mechanics and client care, massage therapy classes do not always account for bigger bodies. Today we’re taking a look at how to help clients feel at ease, no matter their body size. We include tips for helping larger clients feel comfortable, including space and positioning considerations, intake forms, and more. We also touch on how [...]

Welcoming Clients of All Sizes to your Massage Table: Massaging Obese/Fat Clients2019-07-22T14:08:30-05:00

East West College’s New Location in Downtown Portland: Opening on July 1st, 2019


We’re moving! This July, East West College is starting a new chapter in the education district of downtown Portland, Oregon. Our new building will be at 1515 SW Fifth Avenue, on the fourth floor. Massage school students and clients will be happy to know that our new home is easy to access via public transit, with multiple options for MAX light rail, bus, and streetcar routes. To facilitate a smooth transition, we are providing each student with a transit pass for the month of July, upon request. Additional amenities at our new location include: 30,000 square feet of totally remodeled space [...]

East West College’s New Location in Downtown Portland: Opening on July 1st, 20192019-05-21T13:27:06-05:00

Common Injuries for Massage Therapists, and How to Avoid Them


Do you shudder at the prospect of working at a desk for 40 hours per week? Do you long to heal others? Does the human body fascinate you? If you answered yes to all these questions, you should be a massage therapist (if you’re not already one!). There are few other jobs that allow for such active, fulfilling work. Yet at the same time, the repetitive nature of massage therapy presents the potential for injury. In this blog, we’re looking at the most common injuries among massage therapists, as well as how you can avoid injury while providing massage. Portland massage [...]

Common Injuries for Massage Therapists, and How to Avoid Them2019-07-02T15:19:36-05:00

Challenges and Rewards of Sports Massage Therapy


While becoming a sports massage therapist may seem glamorous—think of traveling with a team! Being on the sidelines! Celebrating wins with your massage clients! —the ins and outs of sports massage therapy can be challenging. Let’s take a look at the more difficult aspects of a job in sports therapy. We’ll also review the career rewards that successful sports therapists enjoy. Sports Massage Therapy: An Introduction Sports massage therapists provide massage to athletes at all levels, and many different venues. Some therapists work with a team throughout the season to keep athletes in top condition. Others may contract work for certain [...]

Challenges and Rewards of Sports Massage Therapy2019-07-02T15:17:41-05:00